Moodle is Loyola’s Learning Management System which professors use to communicate and share resources with students in their courses. Moodle provides an easy to use system that integrates with the University student information system. Use Moodle to build your course webpage, share important reference materials, and increase interaction with collaborative tools that keep students engaged in and out of the classroom.

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This category has knowledge articles on Moodle course management such as copying course materials from one semester to another or backing up your course.

This section provides knowledge articles on how to add documents, assignments, blogs, wikis and other types of content into your Moodle course.

This category has knowledge articles on basic Gradebook function as well test functionality in Moodle.

This category has knowledge articles on accessibility topics related to Moodle.

Articles (9)

Pinned Article What is Moodle?

Learn more about how to Get Help with Moodle, availability, key benefits & features.

Enable Guest Access in Moodle Course

Learn how to quickly enable Guest Access in your Moodle course.

Moodle Forum Notifications - User Setting Options

Learn how to change user forum notifications in Moodle.

Moodle Use and Guidelines

Provides information regarding the operation and use of the Moodle to promote the successful use of the system, system reliability and safekeeping of the data contained in the system.

Moodle User Dashboard

Learn more about Moodles User Dashboard.

New Features - Moodle 3.8 Upgrade

Moodle 3.8 adds several new features worth exploring.

Sharing Cart

Learn how to use the Sharing Cart feature in Moodle to easily move items between courses or within your own course.