Zoom is a web, audio, and video conferencing tool. A powerful asset for an online learning environment.

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Pinned Article What is Zoom?

Learn more about how to Get Help with Zoom, availability, learn more about the key benefits & features and cost.

Deleting Your Videos In Zoom

How to delete videos in Zoom

Downloading Your Videos from Zoom

Downloading videos from Zoom

How to Install Zoom on your Loyola Computer

How to install Zoom on a Loyola-owned PC and Mac

How to Start a Zoom Meeting

Learn how to initiate a Zoom meeting, hosting one immediately or scheduling one for the future.

Meeting Best Practices

There are several things to consider when you are prepping for a Zoom meeting.

Pre-assigning Breakout Rooms

Learn how to pre-assign breakroom rooms in Zoom.

Recording Sharing

Learn what setting options are available in Zoom for sharing recordings.

Waiting Room Information and Details

This article goes over the specifics of working with Zoom's Waiting Room feature

What do I do if my Zoom recording failed to convert?

This article covers steps to troubleshoot the "failed to convert" error for locally recorded Zoom meetings.

Zoom Training Resources

This articles explains the various training resources and support for Zoom at Loyola University.

Zoom Security Settings

Learn how to adjust security settings in Zoom for waiting room and passcode feature.

The Differences between Basic and Pro Accounts

The differences between a Pro and Basic Zoom account