Learn more about Microsoft Teams features including, teams & channels, chat, meetings, call and devices and more.

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Learn how to listen, configure and record voicemail greetings.

Learn more about features related to Teams Meetings.

Learn more about file management and sharing files in Teams.

Learn more about tips and tricks to use Microsoft Teams securely.

Learn about the calling and voice features in Microsoft Teams.

Learn more about the Microsoft 365/Teams Moodle Integration

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Learn more about the H: Drive & Inside Loyola Site Data Move. Familiarize yourself with with the project timeline, expectations & various tips and trick to help you move and better prepare.

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Learn more about the Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Teams Integration with Moodle.

Pinned Article Moving Inside Loyola Site Content to Microsoft Teams

Learn how to move content from Inside Loyola Sites to Microsoft Teams

Pinned Article Quick Start Guide (PC)

New to Microsoft Teams? Use this guide to learn the basics.

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Learn more best practices & other considerations for managing and using Microsoft Teams at Loyola.

Pinned Article Using the Class Teams Feature In Microsoft Teams

Learn how to use the class teams feature in Microsoft Teams

Pinned Article What is Microsoft Teams?

Learn how to Get Help with Microsoft Teams, availability, key benefits & features.

Advanced Team Settings

Learn how to access advanced settings in Microsoft Teams for managing your team, managing visible channels and other team settings.

Change your status in Teams

Learn how to change or update your status in Microsoft Teams

Choose a Team Type

Learn more about the various team types in Microsoft Teams: class, general team, student organization, department or team.

Guest Access

Learn more about the guidelines for creating and interacting in a team with guest users.

How to Add & Remove Members

Learn how owners can add or remember members of their team(s) in Microsoft Teams.

How to Create a Team

Learn how to create a Team in Microsoft Teams.

How to Create and Delete a Channel

Learn how to create a delete channels in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams - Mac - Security & Privacy Issue

Learn about how to configure Mac Security & Privacy settings in order for Teams to work properly.

Microsoft Teams FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions regarding Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Security Reminders

As a Team owner there are important security reminders to consider including membership, settings, data access and private channels.

OneDrive and Microsoft Teams Recycle Bin

Learn how to restore deleted files and folders from OneDrive and Microsoft Teams.

Storage Capacity

Learn more about the storage capacity limitations for Microsoft Teams

Tabs Functionality

Learn more about how to add or remove a tab in Microsoft Teams.

Use @mentions to get someone's attention in Teams

Learn more about how to @mention a user, team or channel in Microsoft Teams.

Use Live Captions in a Live event

Learn how to use Live Captions in a Microsoft Team Live Event

Using tags in Teams

Learn how to create tags in Microsoft Teams to categorize people based on attributes, such as role, project, skill, training, or location.

Using Teams Apps

Learn more about how to add or request third-party app integrations in Microsoft Teams.

Using the Search Feature in Teams

Learn more about the search functionality in Microsoft Teams.

View Team Membership

Learn more about how to view and manage your teams membership as an owner in Microsoft Teams.

What is a channel?

Learn more about channels and private channels in Microsoft Teams.

Work with colleagues in Teams to create, edit and review Forms

Easily set up a Forms tab, create a new form to collect responses, add an existing form to collect responses or show survey results, collaborate with your team on a form, create notifications for your form, or conduct a quick poll just for your team.