Learn more about file management and sharing files in Teams.

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Common File Transfer Error Messages

Learn more about some of the common file transfer error messages when moving data into Microsoft Teams.

Delete and Recover files in Teams

Learn how to delete and recover files in Microsoft Teams from a channel, chat or the recycle bin.

How to Upload Files into a Team

Learn how to drag and drop or upload existing files in Microsoft Teams.

Macintosh Finder (Mac): How to Sort Files for Cleanup

Learn how to sort files on your Mac using the Finder.

Moving Files from File Explorer (PC) into Teams

Learn how to move files from File Explorer (PC) to Microsoft Teams by dragging and dropping.

Moving Files from Finder (Mac) into Teams

Learn how to move files from Finder (Mac) to Microsoft Teams by dragging and dropping.

Sharing Read-Only Content

How to share files and folders in Teams as read only.

Sync your Teams Files to your File Explorer on PC (Windows)

Learn how to sync your files in Microsoft Teams to the File Explorer (PC) / Finder (Mac) on your computer.

Sync, Change & Work With Teams Files On Your Computer

You can sync your Microsoft Teams files to a folder on your computer. This lets you work directly in File Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac) and access files even when you're offline. And when you go back online, any changes made to those files will sync automatically. You can also change your sync settings. There are a few things to be aware of when working with files.