Learn how to troubleshoot basic issues when using XFINITY On Campus

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3rd Party Wi-Fi networks and VPN connections

VPN networks will not work and are not permitted as listed in our terms and conditions.

Common Errors for Roku

Learn who to contact and how to resolve common error messages when using a Roku with XFINITY On Campus.

Common Errors for Web & Mobile

Learn who to contact and how to resolve common troubleshooting errors with XFINITY On Campus.

General Troubleshooting

Find useful general troubleshooting tips to resolve technical issues with XFINITY On Campus

How Do I Reset My Password?

Learn how to resolve any username/password issues with XFINITY On Campus

Why can’t I hear any audio/sound?

Learn how to resolve known and common issues with audio/sound when using XFINITY On Campus.

Why is my video slow or skipping?

Learn how to resolve potential video buffering issues.

Why won't XFINITY On Campus play?

Learn how to follow basic troubleshooting steps to resolve most XFINITY On Campus Issues.