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Office 365

Learn more about the applications & features associated with Office 365 such as: Skype for Business, OneDrive For Business, Microsoft Teams & Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel & Outlook.

Mac OS

Learn how to complete specific troubleshooting steps related to Apple's Mac OS operating system.


Learn how to complete specific troubleshooting steps related to Microsoft's Windows operating system.

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Apple Enterprise Connect FAQ

Apple Enterprise Connect is an Apple application that provides an easy way to keep your Loyola Mac device synced with your Loyola password, alleviating issues with Keychain and FileVault encryption passwords getting out of sync.

Loyola Workspace - Adding a New Application to Launcher View

Within Loyola Workspace, you can add new applications to your launcher by visiting the application catalog.

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Training Resources

Microsoft Office 2016 is installed in all lab and classroom computers, and Technology Services is transitioning from Office 2013 to Office 2016 for offices and personal workstations as well.  There are several training resources available via Microsoft and to assist you with learning about what's new.

Obtaining Microsoft Office

Each member of the Loyola community who is an active faculty member, student or employee may download Microsoft Office ProPlus for personal use on up to five machines at a time.

Print Credits for Students

Print credit amounts and charges for students.

Printing Locations

Printing locations at all three campuses.

Technology Services Surplus Equipment Sales

Information on Loyola's Technology Surplus Auctions

Using Loyola Workspace

Loyola Workspace is a secure dashboard of university applications that can be accessed and run from most anywhere in the world with the same ubiquitous experience for all users. This article illustrates the steps involved to accessing and running an application from within Loyola Workspace.