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Zoom offers several ways to schedule meetings and the choice of which option you use depends on the goal of the meeting. Below, you will find both sets of steps for scheduling a meeting within the Zoom web interface, as well as considerations for each option. Before explaining into these details, we want to emphasize that all of the options listed are also an option in the Zoom application. For more information on using the Zoom application to host meetings visit the Zoom support site.

**Note: when you sign in with the application, you need to look for the Single Sign-On option so that you are authenticated into the Loyola account for Zoom.

Scheduling a Meeting

  1. Navigate to and choose the Sign In option.
  2. When the page loads after sign in, you will be in your Meeting menu. This is the location where you will do all meeting management.
  3. Click the Schedule a New Meeting button
    Schedule a New Meeting button
  4. Choose a name for your meeting and an optional description.
  5. Settings to pay close attention to:
    1. Is the meeting recurring? If so, select the box and adjust the date/time for the recurrence.
    2. Do you want to use a randomly generated Meeting ID or your Personal Meeting ID?
    3. Do you want to launch the meeting with video and audio on or off for users? We recommend off for both.
    4. Audio should always be left to "both" in case a student has issues connecting their audio via the computer.
    5. **Note: The options Join Before Host and Enable Waiting Room can NOT be selected at the same time. If these options are both selected, you will lock yourself and the participants out of the meeting.
  6. Once you have named your meeting and adjusted the settings. Click Save
For more information on Meeting Options not discussed in this article, please visit Zoom Support's article.

Starting a Meeting

Even if your meeting is using the same URL for all occurrences, you should launch the meeting from the Zoom site (or app) as an authenticated user.

  1. Navigate to and choose "Sign In".
  2. Enter your Loyola credentials.
  3. From your Meeting view, locate the meeting you are ready to launch from your list of scheduled meetings and click on the name.
  4. Click the Start this Meeting button.

Get Help

If you need additional assistance with Zoom, please review related articles, or submit a ticket to the Help Center.

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