Using Zoom usage reports to take attendance


Zoom gives meeting owners the ability to look at the usage of each meeting in a report view. These reports provide details about who logged into the meeting, how long they were in the meeting, and participants' attentiveness scores (Zoom monitors if a participant clicks into another window and has that up instead of the meeting window).

Important information before proceeding

Please note, for students to show up in the usage report they must be authenticated into Meeting hosts can set this as a requirement under Meeting Options by checking the box next to "only authenticated users can join". Please share the Accessing Zoom and Logging In Knowledge Base article with your participants to alleviate confusion.
Meeting option list


How to pull Usage Reports in Zoom

  1. Once logged into, locate the "Report" option in your left menu and select.
    Zoom menu highligting Reports option
  2. There are two options, usage and meeting, select Usage.
  3. On the far right of the report there is a column for Participants, click on the number in this column for the meeting you wish to pull the report for.
  4. A window with details on the participants will pop up over the main Zoom window, select the "export" button.
  5. You will receive a notification that the system will download the report when it's ready. The report will download to your default download location as a .csv file.

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