Adding a Co-Host after Zoom meeting has started

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While you are setting up a meeting there is an option to add a co-host but to do this ahead of time requires that the co-host and host are both "licensed" users within the Loyola Zoom domain ( Sometimes this isn't possible, for example if a faculty member has a guest speaker for a class. Unless the guest speaker has a email address they will need to be given co-host rights once a meeting has started.

Granting Co-Host Access During a Meeting

  1. Launch your meeting.
  2. Once the individual that you wish to give rights to is logged into the meeting, click on the Manage Participants icon at the bottom of the meeting.
  3. When the list of Participants appears on the right hand side of your meeting, mouse over the Participant's name, and select the "More" option.
  4. Select "make co-host".


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Mon 3/23/20 10:48 AM
Mon 3/23/20 10:48 AM