Meeting Best Practices


There are several things to consider when you are prepping for a Zoom meeting. Below find best practices as well as options to test your computer prior to a meeting.

Testing system and audio/video:

Best practices from computer:

  • Plug into your router if possible.
  • Be as close to your wifi access point as you can
  • Restart your computer before running a session (particularly if you haven't restarted in awhile)
  • Keep other open applications to a minimum
  • Keep open browser tabs to a minimum
  • Verify that your Zoom application is up to date (latest version) - it's important to note that if you have a Loyola managed machine follow these instructions for Zoom updates
  • Turn Windows/Mac/Chat notifications on (DND) Do No Disturb
  • If you are seeing a lag, and your video is on, turn video off.