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In the setup of Scheduled Meetings or in the settings of your Personal Meeting Room, Zoom has five main meeting options available to the Host. This article will go over each option and what you need to know. If you are concerned about unwanted people joining your meetings, consider, "Enable waiting room" and/or "Only authenticated users can join".

Join Before Host and Enable Waiting Room

These two options are opposing settings. If both are checked, your participants will be unable to enter your meeting.

Join Before Host lets participants into your meeting before the Host arrives. This is a good option for smaller more informal meetings. Turning this setting on also allows an alternative host to start a meeting for you.

Enable Waiting Room allows you to put participants into a virtual waiting room and gives the Host the control to let people in. If you select this option, you will need to grant access to the individual participants as they arrive. This option is also ideal if you are running back-to-back meetings and do not want members from one meeting to accidentally join a previous meeting.

Mute participants upon entry

This gives the Host control over the participant's audio upon entry into the meeting. This is great for meetings with a large number of participants.

Only authenticated users can join

This requires that the participant has a Zoom account. The participant does not have to have a Loyola Zoom account, but they will have to authenticate into Zoom with an account prior to joining.

Record Meeting Automatically

This setting automatically starts recording the meeting, eliminating the need to start the recording manually from the meeting.

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