Moving Files from Finder (Mac) into Teams


As we progress through the move from H: drive and Inside.Loyola Team Sites to Teams as our single location for file storage, the steps below for moving data will provide you with the easiest way of moving your content. We recommend that you move content from File Explorer (PC)/Finder (Mac) directly into the Teams Applications file tab via drag and drop. Doing the process this way will provide you with more information if errors occur during the movement of content.

Accessing the H: Drive Off-Campus

In order to access the H: drive remotely, you will need to set up MyWorkDrive or VPN access on your computer (VPN is only available on Loyola laptops). You can request VPN access by contacting the Help Center.

MyWorkDrive Instructions

Set up MyWorkDrive to view your H: Drive remotely

1. Download MyWorkDrive from software center. If you have any issues downloading MyWorkDrive remotely, contact the Help Center at or 410-617-5555.

Instructions for Mac users

2. After MyWorkDrive is downloaded, MyWorkDrive will appear as a mapped drive on your computer. Click on MyWorkDrive in Finder then double-click the shared folder to view your H: drive.

Mac Finder MyWork Drive Shared Folder

Moving Files from H: Drive to Teams

Once your Team and folder structure are set up in Microsoft Teams, you can drag and drop content from your H: drive into the appropriate Teams folder(s). To learn more about creating Teams and best practices, please visit our Teams Best Practices webpage.

Drag and Drop

1. Open a Finder Window and Teams window side by side.

Mac Finder & Teams Side by Side

2. Choose the H: drive files and folders you would like to move over to Teams.

a. Select files and folders by checking the box to the left of individual file names/folders or by checking the box to the left of Name (at the top of the list of file names) to select all files and folders in a particular folder.

Files larger than 500 Mb cannot be moved using MyWorkDrive remotely. You will need to move these larger files from an on-campus location or use VPN.

3. Click and drag the files from the File Explorer window to copy them to the Teams folder.

Finder Drag and Drop to Microsoft Teams

4. Once you have confirmed that the files and folders you wish to keep have copied successfully to Teams, delete the files and folders from the H: drive.

VPN Instructions

1. Connect to VPN.

2. Locate your H: Folder as you normally would in the File Explorer on campus.

3. Drag and Drop or Upload Files to Teams.