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When you record a Zoom meeting to your account's cloud storage location, you are able to share these recordings via links. By default, our system requires a password for video viewing. This article will go over where to find your recording's password, and how to adjust the setting by recording, and for your account.

Share Settings by Recording

Follow the steps available in this article to access your Zoom Cloud Recordings.

  1. From your list of recordings, locate the one you wish to share, or to adjust the share settings for. Click on the Share button to the right of the recording.
  2. In the settings window, locate the Password setting. You can click "show" to get the password to share, you can also change the password by selecting "edit".
  3. If you wish to turn passwords off for the recording, simply click on the toggle button to turn it from blue to grey and save your setting changes.
If you do turn off passwords for sharing, we recommend that you choose the option "only authenticated users can view". This will protect your recordings from being shared publicly.

Share Settings By Account

  1. From your Recordings list, locate the Settings button in the top right of your page.
  2. Scroll down and locate the setting option for "Require password to access shared cloud recordings". To turn this off, turn the blue toggle button to grey.
If you turn off the password requirement, we suggest that you turn on "Only authenticated users can view cloud recordings". Changing the setting here will change it for your overall account.

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