Merging Duplicate Records in Colleague

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1.     Colleague duplicate person is identified by a Colleague user (identifier)

2.     Identifier reviews the records and determines who has ownership to update.

a.     Records – student

b.     Human Resources – employee, contractor

c.     Advancement – alumni, parent, donors, friends

d.     UGA/OGA – applicants

3.     Identifier contacts appropriate office(s) to confer on determining which record to mark as a duplicate and who is to merge the data.

4.     Identifier and office(s) perform updates and communicate among one another when completed.

5.     Identifier notifies Enterprise Applications upon completion.

6.     Enterprise Applications marks record as duplicate in BIO in Privacy field.

7.     Ensure all information gathered is copied into Help Center ticket.

General Procedures For Office(s) To Complete

1.     Check NAE and DADD for source data to help identify owner.

2.     Move data as appropriate (Procedures defined by individual office.)

a.     Check CRI, for example

3.     On duplicate record:

a.     Enter NAE and add “***DUP” at end of last name field (ex. “Smith***DUP”); enter “N” when the name change dialogue box opens

b.     Delete SSN on NAE if it exists

c.     Remove all source code and enter only source code of DUP

d.     Remove all emails

e.     Remove address and phone

f.      Enter DADD and add “Valid Loyola ID XXXXXXX” in Alternate IDs field with the correct id

4.     On valid record:

a.     Enter DADD and add “Duplicate id XXXXXXX” in Alternate IDs field with the duplicate id


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