Entering Gifts Through Batch in Raiser's Edge

Gift Batches 

With batches, you can quickly add multiple gift records together as a group. You can save batches in progress, such as to return to the batch and continue adding gift details later. 

For gift entries in batches that you would like posted to the GL, please be certain to mark them as Not Posted. For gift entries in batches that you would NOT like posted to the GL, please be certain to mark them as Do Not Post. 

To ensure accuracy, batch entry also includes validation and approval processes. For example, if you save a batch missing required fields, you will receive exception messages and will be unable to approve the batch until you enter those details. 

Enter a single or set of gifts into a batch 

  1. 1. From the database view of NXT, select Batch. 


  1. 2. Hover mouse to top menu below the menu title ‘Batch’ and Select ‘New Gift Batch.’ 


  1. 3. Populate the Gift Batch Setup 

  1. The Batch number will auto-generate - leave this field as default

  1. Select Batch category from the drop-down 

  1. Enter the projected number of gifts you will be entering in this batch. 

  1. Enter the projected total amount you expect to have for this batch. 

  1. Enter a description for this batch has determined by the department. 

  1. 4. Leave the Fields and the Defaults tab as they appear. 

  1. 5. Select Data Entry to begin entering your gifts into the batch you have just set up. 



*Clicking the ‘Data Entry’ button will open a new window for batch entry 

  1. 6. To begin the batch entry process, click inside the first white box to begin entering your gifts into the rows. Each gift will be entered into its own row, similar to entering information into MS Excel. 


  1. 7. Enter your first gift by populating the fields column by column. Note: When entering the Constituent name, you can click the binoculars to search for the name.  

*For each gift entry, populate GL post status with ‘Not posted.’ This will allow the entry to appear in the post to general ledger report to be exported for Finance 

  1. 8. Save and Commit Gift 

  1. a. If entering an additional gift, click the tab key on your keyboard to go to the next line. 

  1. i. Enter next gift the same as before 

  1. b. If this is your only gift entry for this batch 

  1. i. Cursor to File and click Save 

  1. ii. Cursor to File and click Commit Completed Batch 

  1. 1. This will open a new window over the batch entry window. 

  1. c. Step 1 Verify the amount for Batch Statistics > Running Amount matches your entry. 

  1. d. Step 2 Click Commit Now 

  1. e. When the commit has completed, you may receive a screen that presents any exceptions; this is based on your projected amount and the amount that was entered 

  1. f. Select Commit Now to complete to commit the batch. 

  1. g. Review Commit Complete pop-up box and close. 


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