Sharing Read-Only Content


While Microsoft Teams is meant as a collaboration space, we realize that sometimes you need to retain control of editing specific documents or folders. This article goes over the steps to manage these rights.

Managing Folder and File Access Via SharePoint

  1. Access your Team the way you typically do, either via the downloaded application or via the web at
  2. Upload the files or folder that you wish to share in view only.
  3. Once uploaded, locate the ellipsis to the right of your file/folder and click. From the pop-out menu, select "Open in SharePoint". (If you are using the Teams app, note that SharePoint will open in a web browser, and you may need to log into your Loyola Office 365 account on the web).
  4. From SharePoint, locate the file/folder you wish to make "read only" and select the kebab menu. Choose "Manage Access".
  5. A menu will pop out on the right side of the screen. This menu provides an overview of who the file is shared with. By default, you will see the different role groups available in Microsoft Teams and what permissions the role groups have.
    1. If you cannot read the full name of the role, simply mouse over the name and the system will expand the name.
    2. This menu will show what permission the role group has.
  6. Identify the group you wish to set to view only, and from the permissions menu select the appropriate option.



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