Moving Inside Loyola Site Content to Microsoft Teams


For the easiest way to move content from your Inside Loyola Sites into Teams or OneDrive, you will need access to Internet Explorer.

Note: Internet Explorer (on a PC) is the only browser that will launch File Explorer from the SharePoint interface.

Steps to Launch File Explorer from Inside Loyola Site

  1. Launch Internet Explorer and navigate to
  2. Log in and locate the Site that contains the content you wish to move.
  3. Go to your site’s documents

Screenshot showing Navigation window to locate Shared Documents button

  1. At the top of your files page, there are two tabs, Files and Library. Click on Library.

SharePoint screenshot showing how to navigate to the Library Tab

  1. A new Ribbon menu will appear. To the right there is an option to Open in File Explorer select that. File Explorer will launch with your site’s files.

SharePoint screenshot showing Library Tab locating the Open with Explorer Button

  1. Follow the instructions Moving Files from File Explorer (PC) into Teams.

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