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The sharing cart allows you to easily move items between courses or within a course. Using the sharing cart is much faster and easier than using course import. To use the sharing cart:

1. Go to the course that contains items you want to move. From the Gear icon at the upper right of your course page, choose Turn editing on.

2. At the bottom left of your course page, you’ll now see Add a blockClick Add a block.

3. From the list of available blocks, choose Sharing Cart. (The Sharing Cart should appear on the right side of your course page.)

4. Go to an item you want to move. Click the sharing cart icon on the right next to the item. Choose Confirm.

Note: You may need to refresh your browser before this option will appear in the edit menu. Add as many items as you choose to the cart.

5. Click OK. (You will see that the item(s) now appear in the Sharing Cart block.)

6. Go to the course you want to move the item(s) into. Again, use the Gear icon to Turn editing on. Use the link at the lower left to install the block on your course page. The Sharing Cart will now appear on this course page, containing the item or items you have placed in the Sharing Cart.

7. Click the Copy to course button for the item you want to place on this course page.

8. A box will appear at the end of each section of the course page. Click on the arrow in the section where you want the item to be placed.

9. The item will now appear in that section. You can then use the directional arrow to move the item to a different position if desired.

This process can be repeated to move numerous items between various courses.

Note: if a discussion, quiz, or assignment is moved using the sharing cart, any existing posts or submissions WILL come along with it. These activities will need to be reset in the destination course.

1. From the Gear iconchoose Reset in the destination course.

2. Expand the relevant sections. For discussion forums, delete all posts and subscriptions.

3. For quizzes and assignments, delete all attempts and submissions.

4. At the bottom of the page, click Reset course.

You will see the Reset page showing what was done. Note: “Reset not implemented” is normal for External tools and plugins. Click Continue.

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