Cybersecurity Travel Tips

Here are tips to keep your information and computer safe while you are on the road.

Before traveling

Complete an inventory of data currently stored on your laptop. Remove all sensitive data that is not required for the trip including:

  • Student information such as grades, your comments on a student’s work, or any other sensitive information regarding a student.

  • Proprietary information, including unpublished research such as drafts of articles, in-progress projects, data sets, or third-party proprietary information.

  • Institutional data that cannot be recovered if your computer is lost or stolen.

  • Personal information such as tax returns, any social security numbers, or health record information for you or a family member.

Complete the following tasks prior to travel

  • Back up your data and leave a copy of your files in a safe and secure location such as Teams & OneDrive.

  • Ensure that your Loyola account has a strong password or passphrase.

  • Password-protect, encrypt, or remove all student, personal, and proprietary information stored on your laptop.

  • Turn off file-sharing and print-sharing.

  • Apply all software patches and updates.

  • Ensure that anti-virus, anti-spyware, and personal firewall software are installed on your laptop.

While traveling

  • When using a Loyola-issued laptop, please use a pre-installed VPN client at all times.

  • Always clear your Internet browser after each use: delete history files, caches, cookies, and temporary internet files.

  • Please use Citrix to access Inside Loyola or any other Loyola-based application.

  • Do not allow foreign portable devices such as USB drives to be connected to your laptop.

  • When using public Wi-Fi, do not access any sites sensitive websites that require you to input credentials such as banking sites, etc.

Upon return from travel

  • Immediately change all your passwords including your voicemail.

  • Please have Technology Services reimage your laptop before connecting to the Loyola network.


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