The Process

Fiscal Year Formation & Capital Budget Process 

The Technology Services and Facilities project portfolios are formed in preparation for the fiscal year for any project that requires funding. This process establishes a clear and consistent process for awarding capital to departments and projects through the following steps:

Step 1: Project Request Submitted Online 

Any Loyola community member may submit a project request via the appropriate online form.


Step 2: Investigation 

The Project Management Office conducts a business case interview for each project proposal to understand the goals, impact, estimated costs, and level of effort. A formal business case for each proposal is written by the Project Management Office and sent to the Technology Services Advisory Committee (technology project requests) or the Capital Budget Committee (facilities project requests) for review ahead of project scoring.


Step 3: Review and Scoring Using an Objective Scorecard 

Project requests are scored by the Technology Services Advisory Committee (technology projects) or the Capital Budget Committee (facilities projects) using the Project scorecard.  


Step 4: Peer Departmental Review  

The division representatives on the Capital Budget Committee examine the prioritized project portfolios. 


Step 5: Capital Budget Committee Approval and Submission to Cabinet 

The Capital Budget Committee reviews and approves the Facilities and Technology Services project proposals. The prioritized portfolios are then submitted to Cabinet for inclusion in the budget process. 


Step 6: Stakeholders and project advocates are informed 

The stakeholders are informed of the progress and how their project scored. 


Step 7: Budget Completed 

The Fiscal Year budget is defined. 


Step 8: Communication of Project Portfolio 

Project Advocates are contacted and informed of their project proposal’s status and project managers are assigned. 


Step 9: Portfolio Starts 

Projects move forward according to established schedules. 


Step 10: Ongoing Change Management 

Technology project changes to the portfolio are managed through the Project Change advisory board. 


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