Project Roles

Project Advocate

The project advocate is the customer department point person for the project and the requester of the project. (Note:  No one from Technology Services may submit a proposal on behalf of a University Project Advocate. The Project Advocate must do this him/herself.) In most cases, the project advocate is an essential part of the project team.

Executive Approver

A Loyola Vice President must endorse the SUBMISSION of the project proposal. This ensures that executive management is aware of project requests and that no approved project surprises cabinet-level management. This approval MUST be secured by the Project Advocate or Project Sponsor(s) BEFORE submitting the project proposal.

Project Sponsor

The Project Sponsor is the individual(s) (you can have more than one) who has ultimate authority over the project. The Sponsor typically sets the vision, provides project funding, approves the use of institutional resources, resolves escalated issues, approves major deliverables, and provides high-level direction. Also, they champion the project within the organization, assuring focus, direction, and moral support. A project sponsor is at the Dean, AVP level, or higher.

Project Manager

The Project Manager is the primary contact for the project, is responsible for the day-to-day tactical management of the project, obtainment, and coordination of resources, management of the time (schedule), scope (deliverables specified in the scope statement), and cost (budget) of the project from Initiation through Transition & Close. The project manager is responsible for the overall use of the project team site. The project manager does not do all the work but is responsible to make sure that the work gets done.

Technical Lead

The technical lead of the project is responsible for the coordination of technical resources and the delivery of technical scope items specific to their area(s) all under the leadership of the Project Manager. There may not be a Technical Lead in every project. There may be more than one if multiple technical areas are involved. Often times the Technical Lead is also the person performing the technical work.

Project Team Member

Any person contributing to the work associated with a project may be included as a member of the project team. They are given access to the Team Site, provided with progress reports, and participate in team meetings. They can include people outside of Technology Services (such as the Project Advocate) and are formally assigned via the Charter.

Project Stakeholder

Anyone with an interest in the success or failure of the project. This includes all roles above. Key Stakeholders need to be kept informed of progress and given access to the team site.


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