Adding and Deleting Modules/Weeks


Moodle does not currently allow users to delete all course content at one time. However, if you need to remove large amounts of content from your Moodle course at one time, you can do so by deleting content by week/module.

Delete Week/Topic:

  1. Access your Moodle course and "Turn Editing On".
  2. Scroll until you see your first week/topic, and locate the "edit button" in the top right corner of the week/topic.
    Week 1 - Edit Button - Screenshot
  3. Click on the edit button and select "delete week/topic".
    Delete Topic Button Screenshot

Add New Topic/Week:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your course.
  2. Locate and click on the Add Topic/Week button.
    Add Topic Button Screenshot
  3. A prompt will appear asking how many Topics you wish to add. Adjust as needed and click "Add topics".
    Add Topics button screenshot



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