Google Chromecast

Currently, XFINITY On Campus does not have an "XFINITY Stream" app for the Google Chromecast to stream and watch channels from the XFINITY Stream guide. 

We do recommend purchasing a Roku streaming device so you can using the XFINITY Stream Channel/app to watch Live TV, use DVR, and stream On Demand movies or shows on a traditional flat screen television. For more information, please click here.

However, there are a number of TV Everywhere apps, such as CBS All Access, Watch ESPN, and Watch ABC, to name a few, that XFINITY On Campus students can log in using their school credentials.

Google Chromecast currently has over 30 TV Everywhere apps to stream live TV and On Demand content.

Our help center section about our "Features" has more information about TV Everywhere apps and how to login to them using your school credentials.