3rd Party Wi-Fi networks and VPN connections

XFINITY On Campus is a product that is offered by your school's housing department and requires you to be a current student in good standing, and registered as living in on-campus housing. You must be connected to your campus network to see all of the features for XFINITY On Campus. VPN networks will not work and are not permitted as listed in our terms and conditions.

Off-campus, and third-party networks, like coffee shop networks, found on or off campus will not allow you to experience the full XFINITY On Campus service. To find out what content is available off-campus or while not connected to your campus network, please visit our designated help center article.

If you feel you are getting an off-campus network error by mistake, please contact your student help-desk. You may need to provide your device's IP address.

While your issue is being investigated, be sure to check out the guide for watching TV Go channels on Live TV and On Demand.