Third-Party Textbook Plugins & Extensions

Third-party software offerings may be included in conjunction with certain textbook manufacturers' academic textbook packages. As a part of those software packages, vendors often develop extensions that provide interoperability with a learning management system. The two most common types of extensions, a plug-in and an external tool (LTI), can both be added to Loyola's Moodle environment.

However, as these tools are externally developed, they cannot be supported or managed directly by Technology Services. Technology Services can work with you and the vendor in the process of adding these resources, however the administering vendor is responsible for delivering a working version of the product, as Technology Services has no ability to troubleshoot issues within the external tool. 

If you would like to configure an external textbook tool within your course, email Client Services ( with 1) the installation guide for the tool and 2) a point of contact with the textbook manufacturer to begin setting up the external tool for your course. Loyola is unable to create the integration piece without both of these resources available.


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