DGA Classrooms


Loyola now has temporary classrooms on the DGA field. Learn how to start up the mobile carts, launch a Zoom meeting, and how to use the desktop presets to control the classroom camera. 

Technical Support

How can I get Technology Help in the Classroom?

Please call 410-617-2255 – This is a dedicated line for classroom technology issues.

General Technical Support Assistance

Contact the Help Center 410-617-5555 or visit on the web at: http://ots.loyola.edu

Whiteboard / Podium Cart Diagram

DGA Classroom Mobile Whiteboard Cart

Back of whiteboard cart showing computer

Classroom Podium with Wireless Keyboard, Mouse and Presentation Remote

Classroom Camera

Security Camera


1 - Whiteboard

2 - Projector

3 - Microphone

4 - Classroom Phone

5 - Speaker

6 - Projector Remote

7 - Computer

8 - Wireless Keyboard

9 - Wireless Mouse

10 - Presentation Remote / Laser Pointer

11 - Classroom Camera

12 - Security Camera

13 - USB Hub (Connect Flash Drives to PC)

How to turn on the projector

Step 1: Grab the projector remote

Step 2: Point the remote towards the mobile cart

Step 3: Press the blue power button on the top left-hand corner of the remote. 

Projector Remote calling out the blue power button top left hand corner

How to turn on the wireless keyboard and wireless mouse

Step 1: Locate the wireless keyboard and mouse and their on/off switches (typically left on the podium)

Step 2: Make sure the buttons are aligned to the "on" position for each device.

Diagram of wireless mouse and keyboard

Step 3: Press any button on the wireless keyboard or mouse to awaken the computer from sleep. 

This photo above will show you what the computer looks like when the screen first wakes up from sleep. 

How to turn on the computer

If the computer does not automatically awaken from sleep, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Locate the power button on the computer (behind the mobile cart).

Step 2: Press the power-on button quickly.

How to log in to the computer

Step 1: Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE on the keyboard to unlock the computer

Step 2: Login using your Loyola username and password credentials. 

Loyola computer login screen

Note: When first logging in, you will receive several prompts to login to applications such as Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Expandrive. The best practice is to log in and not ignore these windows.

How to launch a zoom meeting

Accessing Zoom and Logging In

How to Start a Zoom Meeting

Accessing your recordings in Zoom

Accessing Zoom Recording in Panopto

Meeting Options

How to control the classroom camera

Please note: The camera image can take up to 30 seconds to appear in Zoom

We have created several presets on the desktop to assist with control the classroom camera. The classroom camera is the one in the back of the room by the entrance door. 

Camera presets have been set to provide an assortment of views for instructional styles. Manually adjusting the camera presets is not currently possible.

 Zoom Preset Desktop Shortcut IconsPreset 0 = Wide general purpose view of the space (includes the instructional technology as well as a view of students)

 Preset 1 = Focuses on the front of the room onto the whiteboard cart (Technology cart with the Instructor podium) 

 Preset 2 = A tight view of the entire whiteboard





Tips and Tricks

• Volume controls for mic/speaker are controlled in Windows. Please do not adjust knobs on the devices.

• Please remember to return the keyboard, mouse, and presentation remote to the podium and turn off each device.

• Standing near the speaker bar, reiterate questions asked in class that students ask for online learners.