Using a Document Camera with Zoom


Loyola has a limited number of classrooms with document cameras that can be displayed through Zoom. Learn which rooms have this functionality and how to use the document camera. 

Technical Support

How can I get Technology Help in the Classroom?

Please call 410-617-2255 – This is a dedicated line for classroom technology issues.

General Technical Support Assistance

Contact the Help Center 410-617-5555 or visit on the web at

How to control the document camera

The majority of the classrooms with document camera integration have mobile carts for remote and hybrid teaching, so the document camera will simply appear as the webcam in Zoom on the instructor's station.  

In MH*247, there is a pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) classroom camera. To toggle between the PTZ and document camera, you can either click ALT+N on the keyboard or click the arrow in the Stop Video button on Zoom and select the USB Video Camera for AverVision Digital Presenter 2. To toggle back to the classroom camera, click ALT+N or choose NewTek NDI Video.

You may need to go into Zoom settings and uncheck the Mirror my video setting:

Screenshot of Zoom video settings window, with Mirror my video setting unchecked 

If the document camera does not appear, you may need to press the CAMERA/PC button on the document camera to tell the camera to connect to the computer. The location of the button is different on different models:

Image of an Aver document camera   Image of AverMedia document camera

Locations with Document Camera / Zoom Integration