Pre-assigning Breakout Rooms


Zoom offers a function known as Breakout Rooms. These allow for smaller group conversations outside of the main meeting room. This setting is turned on by default in Loyola's Zoom environment. Below you will find instructions on both pre-assigning Breakout room membership as well as doing so within a meeting.

Pre-assign Breakout rooms

  1. Sign into Loyola's Zoom web portal,
  2. Click Meetings and schedule a meeting.
  3. In the Meetings Options section, select Breakout Room pre-assign and click Create Rooms.
    Breakout room pre-assign check box with expanded options, create rooms and import from CSV
  4. Click the plus icon beside Rooms to add breakout rooms.
    Breakout room assignment pop up screen
  5. Hover over the default breakout room name and click the pencil icon to rename the room.
    Breakout room edit icon
  6. In the “Add participants” text box, search for participants' names or email addresses to add them to the breakout room.
  7. (Optional) Use these options to edit your breakout rooms and participants:

    • Click and drag a participant's email address to change the order.

    • Hover over a participant's name to see options to move them to another room or remove them from the current room.

    • To delete a breakout room, hover the room name in the left panel and click the trash bin icon.

  8. Click Save.

Pre-assigning Breakout Rooms via CSV

Zoom also offers the option to pre-populate Breakout Rooms via CSV in the web portal.

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