Using Apporto Virtual Lab

Help is available for faculty and students directly from Apporto by submitting a Support Request.  

Using the Virtual Lab

  • The virtual lab will open in a tab in your browser. The virtual lab is a full Windows desktop.
  • Files saved to the Desktop or Documents folder are persistent and will be available each time you log in.
  • Each class has a shared folder that faculty and students have read/write access to. The folder is located in the LOYOLA Shared Folders folder on the desktop.
  • Your applications are on the desktop - Tableau, Access (in the Office folder), and SAS (in the SAS folder)

Apporto Help Center: Using Virtual desktops

Important notes about inactivity and signing out (this is important – please review and communicate to your students!!)

  • There is a 15-minute inactivity timer, which registers keyboard and mouse activity. After 15 minutes of inactivity, your session will be disconnected. After being disconnected, you have another 15 minutes to reconnect to the session before you are signed out. Once signed out, all applications will close and any unsaved work will be lost.
  • If you close the browser window or tab, you will be signed out of the virtual lab and all applications will close and any unsaved work will be lost.
  • If you need to temporarily disconnect without losing your session, press the Start button > Power > Disconnect. Your session will remain active for 15 minutes before being signed out.

  Disconnect Screenshot

Uploading and downloading files from your computer

  • The Upload and Download utility in the toolbar lets you upload and download files onto the desktop or documents folder in the Apporto environment. 

Apporto Help Center: Instructions on using the upload and download utility

Mapping OneDrive

  • The ApportoCloudMapper application on the desktop will let you map your Loyola OneDrive to be able to copy and paste files easily to and from the Apporto environment. 
  • When you map your OneDrive, OneDrive will remap each time you log in. You will only need to complete that step once.
  • Your OneDrive folder in File Explorer will not only show the files that are in your OneDrive, but also any files that have been shared with you.
  • When working within applications (Access, SAS, etc.) we recommend that you save the files to your Desktop or Documents. Only use the Cloud Mapper to copy files back and forth between OneDrive, do not save your live data directly on OneDrive. Files saved to the Desktop or Documents folder are persistent and will be available each time you log in.

Apporto Help Center: Using Cloud Mounter

Note:  Only OneDrive is supported by Loyola, and the options for the other services will not be available in a later release.

Sharing your screen

  • You can share your screen with other people to collaborate. There are three screen sharing options: View Only, View and Draw, or Full Control. 

Apporto Help Center:  Sharing screens

Note:  During our initial testing, we experienced some inconsistencies with the “View and draw” feature, so while you can try out this feature, we would not recommend using the feature for production use.

Using Multiple Monitors (beta)

  • Using the multiple monitors feature, you can open a second browser tab to utilize multiple monitors if you have them.

Apporto Help Center: Using Multiple Monitors

Faculty: Using Classroom View (beta)

  • Classroom View lets you view the sessions of your students, and request control to collaborate/assist.

Apporto Help Center: Using Classroom View


  • We have not fully tested this, but you should be able to print to PDF, then download the PDF to your local machine to print. If we are still using Apporto in the spring when we return to campus, we will be testing HoundPrint in the virtual lab environment for direct campus printing.

Apporto Help Center: Printing


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