Make Your Course Accessible

To make your course more accessible and inclusive, consider the accessibility of each part of the course. Consider all aspects of how you format and make documents available, how you design in-class and online activities, and how information is organized on your syllabus and course website. To make your digital course materials accessible and more inclusive, make sure all of your individual parts are accessible.

The course website for your online, blended, or face-to-face course should be as accessible as the sum of its parts. Strive to create and use:

Thinking about these things during the planning stage of your course is beneficial, but you can also apply these concepts and best practices during a course redesign as well. Consider utilizing the following resources for help:

  • Libraries eReserves librarians
  • Instructional designers/academic technologists in your college
  • Academic Technology Support Services (ATSS)

Develop a Plan B

Students with a range of abilities should be able to participate in whatever learning experiences you design for your course. We recognize that inaccessible apps and technologies will make their way into classrooms, so we encourage you to think about a plan B: how will a student with a disability have an equivalent experience if they cannot use an app or technology?


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