What is Apporto Virtual Lab?


Apporto Virtual Lab provides faculty and students access to a virtual desktop environment where all their applications are stored in the Cloud. Since the applications are stored in the cloud, they can be accessed anytime from any device.

Available To

This service is available to all faculty and active students enrolled in courses where a faculty member has requested access on their behalf.

Benefits & Key Features

  • Since the applications are stored in the cloud, Apporto is not on your local computer and can be accessed anytime from any device.
  • Apporto provides a consistent experience no matter what hardware you are using.
  • Sign in with Loyola single sign-on.
  • Files saved to the Desktop or Documents folder are persistent and will be available each time you log in.
  • Each class has a shared folder that faculty and students have read/write access to.
  • Technical assistance is available for faculty and students directly from Apporto.

Get Help

If you need technical assistance with accessing Apporto, please submit an "Apporto Access Request." by clicking the button below.

Apporto Access Request

If you need technical support with Apporto Virtual Lab Software, please submit an "Apporto Virtual Lab Support Request." This will be routed to the Apporto Technical Support portal. This is handled externally.


Apporto Virtual Lab Support


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