Adding a link in Moodle via the Label resource


There are many available resources and activities to use in Moodle. Using the Label resource is a quick way to add a link to a video or other brief content to your course.

Adding a Label

  1. Open up the Moodle course that you wish to share the link with.
  2. Turn editing on in the course, and navigate to the week/module you wish to place the link.
  3. Click + Add activity or resource.
  4. Locate the Label option, and type in the label text box the wording for your link. Highlight the text and click the chain icon to insert a URL into the text.
  5. Paste the link you wish to share in the label's "Create a Link" URL box and click Create Link.
  6. Scroll to the bottom and save.
You can add brief text alongside the linked content in the text editor box as well.


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