Software Center

How to Access Software Center on your Loyola-provided Windows PC

Software Center is where Loyola employees can download both Loyola and non-Loyola applications on their Loyola-provided Windows PC. These programs are approved by Loyola and are safer than downloading programs directly from the Internet as they remove the risk of possible virus infection or downloading add-in items you do not intend to install. You can view available software in the Applications section of Software Center.

Windows and Office updates are also delivered through Software Center. These can be viewed through the Updates button.  

To begin, click the Start button in the lower left corner of your monitor and search for Software Center in the “search programs and files” bar.

Screenshot highlighting Software Center in start menu search results

The search should display Software Center. When you click on the search result, a new window opens with all of the programs available for installation on your machine. To install a program, double-click the program, then click the “Install” button. You can continue working on your computer while the program installs.

If you have any questions about Software Center or the installation process, please contact the Help Center at 410-617-5555 or


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