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Inside Loyola Overview

The Inside Loyola portal was updated on June 7 and includes enhancements such as a simpler, more modern looking website, with content targeted to your role within the university. In addition, the new search functionality provides results from both and Knowledge Base articles.

The Inside Loyola portal is your primary landing page to access applications, tools and information generally requiring a Loyola login. Please continue to use as your source for public-facing content.

The new portal was designed based on feedback from the Loyola community, including 650 survey responses, live requirements gathering and focus group sessions, representing students, faculty, staff and administrators.


  • Streamlined page - The page is simpler, more modern looking and groups content within three categories:
    • “Teaching, Learning, Working”
    • “Around Campus”
    • “Resources for Employees” including student employees

Each category includes links applicable to all students, faculty, staff and administrators. You will only see applications that you have access to.

  • Improved Search capability – You'll find results from both and Knowledge Base articles.  Results will include files that you have access to via Microsoft Teams permissions.
  • Announcement bar – This banner will only appear if there is something important to announce, otherwise it will be hidden.
  • Report an Incident – This new page combines the reporting mechanisms (information and links) for community incident reporting. 
  • Loyola Self-Service link – Most of the information previously found in WebAdvisor is now located in the direct link to Loyola Self-Service, including resources such as grades, student planning, student finance, financial aid, course catalog, class rosters, course catalog update form, change of grade form, etc.
  • Employee Self-Service – This direct link replaces WebAdvisor and provides employees with resources such as tax and banking information, earning statements, leave, forms, and benefits.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

  • Type key words in the Search bar at the top of the page.
  • The content on the former Inside Loyola portal is now available via these links and locations:
    • My Week – Outlook Calendar or Outlook on your desktop. A weekly class schedule view is also available in Student Planning within Loyola Self-Service.
    • Unread Messages – Outlook Email or Outlook on your desktop
    • Campus Feeds – Calendars
    • My Classes – Moodle  How to customize your Moodle dashboard
    • My Notifications – Loyola Self-Service 
    • WebAdvisor – WebAdvisor is being replaced with Self-Service thus refer to Loyola Self-Service and Employee Self-Service.  Review this Crosswalk for more details.  Currently these resources below still exist in WebAdvisor:
      • Graduate Registration - graduate students register for classes
      • Undergrad Demographics - first-year demographic/intended major review
      • Transcripts/Enroll Info - students requests for transcripts and enrollment verification
      • Stipend Entry - Stipends can be entered for employees. Click on Stipend Entry, then select LOG IN. Sign in with your Loyola username and password, then click Submit. Select Employees. Select "Stipend Entry Process" to enter a stipend or select "My To Do List" to approve or reject a stipend request.

Helpful hints 

  • To return to the Inside Loyola home page, click on the house icon on the left navigation bar and select Inside Loyola Home.
  • To exit the Search area, click on the 'Exit Search' back arrow in the Search box.Exit Search arrow
  • To return back to Inside Loyola from any page, including the Search area, click on the Home button in the left navigation menu, then "Inside Loyola Home."
  • Recommended browser for the best user experience is Microsoft Edge.
  • At this time some applications, such as Self-Service and WebAdvisor, require logging in with your username and password.  
  • Colleague Production, Colleague Test, and Business Objects have greater security requirements thus access to these applications require you to be physically located on campus.  If you are off campus, you can access them via Loyola Workspace or from your work computer with VPN.  
  • To securely exit or close Inside Loyola, click on your profile/account picture on the top right corner of the page and click "Sign Out" before closing the browser.  Keep in mind that clicking the "Sign out" button may also sign you out of other web services currently accessed from the same browser. If you are still working on these other services, "Sign Out" once you are done with them and before exiting the browser.
    • Signing out of Inside Loyola and other Loyola web services is extremely critical, especially if you were to access them from public computers or from devices shared with other people. Failure to fully sign out before exiting the browser on shared devices may allow other people using the device after you to access your personal information and Loyola sensitive data.
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