How to pair your Moodle Course to a Microsoft Teams site

Connecting your Moodle course to Microsoft Teams creates an integrated experience in which you can you use your Moodle course and a Microsoft team site interchangeably to deliver resources and course materials to students. 

Follow the steps below to pair your Moodle course for Microsoft teams site: 

Step 1: Locate the Microsoft block within your course. This is the course that you want to pair with a Microsoft team site.

NOTE: You must first pair your Moodle account with your Microsoft 365 account before you set up a team site. Click Here on how to create that pairing

Step 2: At the bottom of the Microsoft block, click on the link that says "Configure course sync".


Step 3: Under the sync option menu, choose "Microsoft 365 Teams" and then click "save changes". 

Step 4: This will return you to your course homepage.

Note: Under the Microsoft block where you just configured the course, you will initially see a message that states, "The course is configured to be connected to a Team, but the Team is not found." At this point, the team site is still being created, and should show up in your team's folder within 3-5 minutes, so please be patient while allowing this process to complete. 

Step 5: Once the process is complete (after a brief delay), you will receive a notification in your teams app that the core site has been created. Refresh your browser to see an update. 

Step 6: Once this process is complete, the block will generate links to your newly created course team site, a course mailbox, a shared course OneDrive, a shared Outlook calendar, and a shared collaborative class notebook. All of these resources are collaborative resources for the course itself, these are NOT links to your Personal Microsoft 365 resources. 

NOTE: Students do not have instantaneous access to your team site, all students must first 1) link their Moodle account to their Microsoft 365 account and 2) access the team site via the teams link in the Microsoft block for that course. Each student needs to do these steps individually, Technology Services cannot configure this for them.

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