How to Setup Your Polycom Desk Phone for Microsoft Teams


Technology Services is currently in process of migrating our users by department from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams for our telephone voice functionality. 

Important: After you have been notified by Technology services that you have been migrated to Microsoft Teams voice, follow these instructions below to setup your polycom desk phone for Microsoft Teams.

Note: You do not need a desk phone to use the Microsoft Teams Voice feature. Use the Microsoft Teams Desktop application on your PC/Mac or the mobile app on iOS or Android. 

Setup Instructions

Step 1: To begin desk phone sign-in, please unplug your phone’s LAN cable and plug it back in. All lights should turn off, and your phone should power down completely. When you plug the LAN cable back in, it will take a few minutes to download the new software. Please note that your phone is connected to your computer, so if you leave the LAN unplugged for more than a few seconds it will affect applications running on your PC.

Photo of Polycom phone upside down showing Lan cable port

Step 2: Once the software has downloaded and your phone is on, please follow these steps to sign in:

Sign in on Polycom phone

Step 3: Tap the ‘Sign In’ tab on your polycom phone.

Web sign in button on polycom touchscreen

Step 4: Tap the ‘Web Sign-in’ Option and proceed to a browser on your computer.

Code and Website URL on Polycom phone

Note: The code is unique to this sign in and changes each time you sign in.

Enter code screen on desktop computer

Step 5: On your computer, navigate to and enter the code that appeared on your polycom phone in your web browser. Then, click next

Choose your account or sign in with your Loyola credentials

Note: This should be your

Select continue button on computer

Step 6: Click the continue button. 

Note: Please ignore the language “Skype for Business” in this step. 

Confirmation Message on Desktop computer

You will receive this message, once you have successfully signed into your phone. 

Get Help

If you need additional assistance with Microsoft Teams, please review related articles, training, or submit a ticket to the Help Center.

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