Technology Purchases

Where should I purchase my technology?

Option 1: Buy through a Loyola-affiliated program

Loyola does not require students to purchase through any affiliate programs, however, discounts may apply through these programs. There is no additional benefit to the student purchasing a laptop through an affiliate program other than a discounted price or promotion. All students, provided that their machine meets the required specifications for support, will receive the same help and attention to their requests for service.

Employees may also take advantage of these discount programs. Additionally, employees may participate in the Technology Loan Program offering financial assistance for your purchase.

Option 2: Buy on your own

There are many stores across the nation that sell all varieties of machines. Although Loyola does not require that students purchase a name-brand machine, we advise that you consider access to support materials for your purchase, in the long run, should you require hardware assistance. Also important to note are the warranty considerations associated with the manufacturer of the machine. The Student Technology Center is not authorized to repair items that are covered under warranty obligations. These issues are stipulated under the contract between you and the manufacturer to be performed by a certified manufacturer technician.


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