Instructions for Polycom Phones

Make an Off Campus Call

  • Area code + phone number
  • If you are calling long distance: Dial   1 + area code + phone number

Make an International Call

Dial 011 + the country code + the city code + the phone number. Not all phones have access to this feature; please contact the Help Center at ext. 5555 if you need to make international calls and do not have access. Visit for information about overseas calls.

Telephone System Functions

Call Forwarding

Press FORWARD on the home screen, you will have several options FORWARD TO A CONTACT, FORWARD TO VOICEMAIL, or you can also have the call ring to your designated delegates FORWARD CALL TO DELEGATES. After selecting the correct choice you may be prompted to enter the extension that you are forwarding the call to.

Conference Call 

Press MEET NOW on the home screen, then press INVITE, then enter the number of the person to add, follow this process until all parties have been invited.


Press HOLD, hang up. To resume the call press RESUME. 


Park allows you to transfer a call to an extension and hold the call there. The call will not ring at that extension. This feature is useful when you want to continue a conversation at an idle extension. Press MORE, then press PARK, you will be given a 4 digit extension that you will call from the other phone to resume the call.


Press TRANSFER, dial extension, and the call will be transferred if set to BLIND transfer. If set to CONSULTATIVE you will speak to the third party prior to the transfer. To set the default Transfer option press SETTINGS, then press PREFERENCES, then press DEFAULT TRANSFER TYPE. 

Accessing Your Voicemail Through Email

You will receive an email for each voicemail you receive. The email will contain an audio recording of the message as well as a transcription of the voicemail. If you still cannot access your voicemail you can contact the Help Center at 410-617-5555 for assistance.


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