Wireless (Wi-Fi) Access

Loyola offers nearly 100% Wi-Fi coverage throughout Loyola's campuses

Students Faculty, Admin, and Staff Visitors
HoundNet X    
eHoundNet-FSA   X  
HoundNet-Guest     X

HoundNet - Encrypted Wi-Fi for Students

How do I access HoundNet?

Use your device's wireless application software to search for available wireless networks. This application differs with each manufacturer. Consult your specific documentation for assistance. Connect to the wireless network named "HoundNet." You will be asked to enter your Loyola username and password to finish the connection.    

What is Clearpass?

If you are prompted to accept a clearpass security certificate when connecting to our wireless networks, please do so. This certificate helps keep our network safe and must be accepted to connect to the wireless. If the certificate does not automatically install on your computer you may need to install it from clearpass01.ad.loyola.edu. For more information, see our clearpass instructions.

How do I connect a gaming device?

If you have a gaming device you would like to connect to the Wi-Fi please connect it to HoundNet_Guest.

Where can I access HoundNet?

HoundNet is accessible from any campus location including the Timonium and Columbia graduate centers, the Belvedere Clinical Center, and the Loyola/Notre Dame Library.

How fast is HoundNet?

Depending on your hardware, current wireless technology can operate at speeds up to 1.3Gbps  and provides an online experience faster than that of traditional wired networks.

Can I still connect to the traditional wired network?

In residence halls, wired network jacks can be activated by request for non-WiFi capable devices only. 

What do I need to connect to HoundNet?

A Wi-Fi capable device wireless network card capable of supporting either 802.11a, g, or n.

eHoundNet - FSA - Encrypted Wi-Fi for Faculty, Staff and Administrators

eHoundNet - FSA is an encrypted wireless network that provides Loyola employees with a secure method for connecting to Loyola data and the internet. This wireless network was specifically set up for employees and gives them elevated privileges over HoundNet. While both networks can be used, it is suggested that faculty, staff and administrators use eHoundNet - FSA for the increased capabilities it provides. For assistance, view our eHoundNet nstructions.


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