Shared Mailboxes

If you have had a shared mailbox created for you, here are some things you need to know.

  • This Shared Mailbox should show up in your Outlook client as a separate mailbox (on the left-hand side of the application). Syncing to your Outlook client may take an hour after creation, and also may require closing and restarting the Outlook application.
  • Should you want to send an email using the new Shared Mailbox, when you create an email in Outlook, pull down the option next to the From field and type the Shared email address. You will be able to select and send as the email address.
  • There is a permissions list of both people permitted to read any email to this address, as well as a separate permission list for those wishing to send as that email address. Should the list of users with that permission change, please contact Technology Services and the lists can be updated for you.

Access a shared mailbox on Outlook on the Web

You can access a shared mailbox via the Houndmail web interface.

  1. First, log in with your regular account.
  2. Click on your profile picture/initials in the upper right
  3. Choose the option to "open another mailbox"

Add a shared mailbox to Outlook Mobile

If you use Outlook for iOS or Android, you can add a shared mailbox you have permissions to access on Outlook Mobile.

Use a shared mailbox on a mobile device (phone or tablet)

To access a shared mailbox on a mobile device, use the following steps. 

  1. Sign in to your primary account in Outlook for iOS or Android.
    Add a Shared Mailbox
  2. Tap the Add Account button in the left navigation pane, then tap Add a Shared Mailbox
    Enter shared mailbox email address
  3. If you have multiple accounts in Outlook Mobile, select the account that has permissions to access the shared mailbox. 

After the account setup process completes, the shared mailbox will display in your account list in Outlook for iOS or Outlook for Android. 

To remove a shared mailbox, go to Settings > Accounts. Then tap on the shared mailbox and select Delete Account


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