Installing MyWorkDrive - Loyola Mac

1.       From the Finder menu, select Go, then Applications.



2.       From your list of applications, select “Self Service”.



3.       Find MyWorkDrive and select Install.



4.       Once fully installed, select Close and you can then exit out of Self Service.



5.       Once the installation is completed, open MyWorkDrive, which can be found under Applications, or in the top right corner of the menu bar.




6.       When you open the application, will be listed as the Server URL. Just enter your Loyola username (no or ad\) and your Loyola password.



7.       If you are an employee, you will be prompted to confirm your identity with DUO two factor authentication.



8.       Once this is complete, you will see your Home and Shared folders under MyWorkDrive.



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Wed 3/14/18 10:19 AM
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