Installing MyWorkDrive - Personal Windows


1.       Navigate to the MyWorkDrive download page to install the Cloud Drive client. Select Download Now

Title: Download MyWorkDrive File - Description: Image of the Download Now button where you can install the MyWorkDrive  Cloud Drive client.

2.       Select the appropriate link to download the latest version of the Windows Mapped Drive Client.

Screenshot to Downlod the Windows Mapped Drive Client

3.       Open the download when prompted.

Note: This will vary based on your browser.

4.       Advance through the prompts to install the application. You will need to accept the terms in the  license agreement.

5.       Once the installation is completed, open MyWorkDrive, which can be found on your Desktop or in your list of Programs.

6.       Once fully installed, you will receive the follow login screen. Enter your username (no or ad\) and your Loyola password.

7.       If you are an employee, you will be prompted to confirm your identity with DUO two factor authentication.

8.       Once this is complete, you will see your Home and Shared folders under MyWorkDrive_W in “This PC”.

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