How to Download & Access MyWorkDrive

What is MyWorkDrive?

MyWorkDrive provides access to upload and download files to the and H:\ (Shared) and T:\ drives from Macs, PCs and Mobile devices off campus. 

How do I access MyWorkDrive?

The MyWorkDrive web interface offers the following access via:

  • Web Browser (
  • File Explorer (PC)
  • Finder (Mac)
  • Mobile Apps for Phones and Tablets

How do I download MyWorkDrive?

MyWorkDrive offers the convenience of downloading a mapped drive client utility for computers or a mobile app for the Android or iOS mobile platforms. 

Mapped Drive Client (Computers)

Before downloading, we recommend learning more about the PC or Mac requirements before installing the mapped drive client. 

Mobile Client Download (Apps)

Download on the App Store (iOS Devices)Download it on Google Play (Android Devices)

Before downloading, we recommend learning more about the Mobile Client Download requirements before installing this app on your device. 

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