Turnitin Migration Tool

We will be migrating our current version of Turnitin that is integrated with Moodle from version 1 (V1) to version 2 (V2) over the Fall 2018 semester. All Turnitin assignments that wish to be reused in the future must be migrated before 12/31/2018.

To migrate an assignment:

  1. Turn editing on in your course.
  2. Locate the Turnitin assignment in your Moodle course.
  3. Click on the link to the assignment.
  4. When you click into the assignment the migration dialog box will appear:
  5. Choose “Migrate Assignment”.
  6. Migration will start, this will take about a minute to process, and a prompt will display:
  7. Once migration is complete, your assignment will display with a notice of successful migration at the top of the assignment box:
  8. Two important notes:
    • By default the migrated assignment gets moved to the bottom of your first topic area in your Moodle course structure. You will need to move it to the appropriate week/module
    • If you are using categories within the Moodle gradebook, make sure to go to your gradebook. The migrated assignment by default goes to the bottom of your gradebook and does not associate with the appropriate category. You will need to move it to the correct category so that grades calculate correctly


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