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Safe Links will both monitor hyperlinks and attachments in your emails. If the attachment is potentially dangerous, the attachment will be removed or blocked to prevent the attachment from being downloaded. If the website you are trying to visit is classified as dangerous, you will receive a warning. 

Safe Links automatically rewrites the URL and scans the link in real-time to ensure that the link is safe for viewing when you click on the link. If you attempt to open a link before the scan is complete, you will receive a message that the scan is in process. You may notice that some links in messages are longer because they now include the Safe Links URL. We still recommend still hovering over the link to make sure you recognize the destination link before clicking anything, and please continue to report any suspicious emails to the Help Center and Security for investigation.  

Note: some Outlook versions may act differently when hovering over a link – some will display the rewritten Safe Links URL, and some will display the original URL. In the future, all clients will display the original URL – this feature is currently being rolled out by Microsoft.

Safe Links rewrite hover behavior:

Screenshot showing safe links rewritten hover behavior

Original URL hover behavior:

Screenshot showing original URL hover behavior

How does this affect me? 

Safe Links will scan the links in your email to make sure they are not malicious. The links will be rewritten so that if there is a malicious link detected, the link can be blocked.

If a malicious link is detected, you will receive a message warning that the link is potentially dangerous:

Malicious website warning



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