Use Microsoft Power Automate to send notifications to a mobile device

Receive push notifications for new Office 365 Outlook emails with Microsoft Flow


This feature enables push notifications to your mobile device based on specific senders or message content. This is useful for situations where you wish a different kind of alert for emails deemed more important than others.


Step 1:

Visit the Apple app store or Google Play store and install the "Microsoft Power Automate" app. After the app is installed, it will require you to log in with your Loyola Username and Password. If prompted, select "Work or school account".


Step 2:

Click the following link and proceed to Step 3. Push Notifications

If the link does not work, follow the directions below.


Open and log in with your Loyola username and password. Enter "Power Automate" in the search box. 

Image of office 365 search for "flow"


Click the "Power Automate" application.


In the "Find template or connector to start with" field, enter "Receive push notifications for new Office 365 Outlook emails"  and click the search icon.

Search for template or connector


Select the "Receive push notifications for new Office 365 Outlook emails" icon and click.


Step 3 : 

Click "Continue" on the connector page.

Click Continue



On the next page, click "advanced options" under "When a new email arrives".

Advanced Options


In the "Advanced Options" window, enter the criteria that defines what email you wish to be alerted on, such as sender, words in the subject line, etc. 

The following example will send a Flow alert to the mobile device from any emails sent by with a subject containing "Dear Faculty".


Example configuration

When finished, click "Save" at the bottom of the screen, and then click "Save" at the top of the screen. This completes the required steps.










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