Granting delegate access to an Email Account

Note: This will only grant view and “send on behalf of” access. If you need full "send as" permissions to the account so the email says the message is directly from the account and not a person on behalf of the account, please contact the Help Center at 410.617.5555 or


1.       If access is being granted for a generic account, log onto the computer as the generic account and open the Outlook desktop application. If the account is a person's account, you must use the Outlook client.


2.       Select File in the top left corner.


3.       Select Account Settings, then select Delegate Access.


4.       From the Delegates window, select Add…



5.       In the Add Users window: (1) search the person or account name, (2) click on it to highlight it, (3) click Add at the bottom. Then (4) select OK.



6.       In the Delegate Permissions window, grant the necessary permissions, then click OK. Click OK again in the Delegates window.




7.       Once the Delegate permissions are set, go back to the email’s folder list by clicking the Left arrow on the top left corner.



8.       Starting with the email address at the top of the folder list on the left-hand side of Outlook, right-click on the folder, and select Properties.

Note: You will only have the option to select Folder Permissions after right-clicking on the email address at the top. For all the other folders, you must select Properties.




9.       In the Properties box, select the Permissions tab, and check to see if the person needing delegate access is listed there. If they are not listed, click on Add and follow the instructions in step 5 to add them.



10.   After the person is listed at the top of the window, you must select their Permission Level. Click on their name to highlight it. Then either use the drop-down menu or select their needs in each section of Permissions.



11.   Repeat steps 8 – 10 for all folders the person will need to access.


12.   Then the mailbox can be added to the delegate’s folder list in Outlook. Instructions for doing so can be found in the knowledge base article, To add a mailbox to your folder list in the Outlook Client.


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