Moodle User Dashboard

Moodle Dashboard

The user dashboard is the most efficient way to display courses, activities, and deadlines. With the release of Moodle 3.6, the dashboard has been completely overhauled to allow more functionality and personalization when managing your course menu. You can now customize your course overview display. With these added features, users are better able to sort, manage, and prioritize courses and assignments. 

You can choose to show past, current, or future courses:

Past, Current or Future Courses

You can hide or “star” courses. Starred courses are added as favorites:

Hide or Start Courses

You can choose to sort by title or recently (last) accessed courses:

Moodle Sort By Dropdown Box

And select alternate views, such as list, grid, or summary:

Moodle Course Overview Screenshot

The Importance of Start and End Dates

Now that you have seen some of the new ways to manage and organize courses on the new User Dashboard, understanding where courses can be found in Moodle is important.

In recent Moodle releases, the end date was incorporated into Moodle courses. The end date controls when the course is over, in a similar way to how the start date controls when the course begins. While the end date does not stop users from entering the course, where on the Dashboard you will see the course displayed is impacted.

If your start date has not yet arrived, you’ll find the course on the Future tab. If the end date has passed, you will find the course on the Past tab.

New Dashboard Blocks

Alongside the changes to how users can interact with and manage courses, users can now also customize the Dashboard by adding blocks and rearranging them any way they choose. These new blocks include the following features:

“Timeline” takes the list of all completed, pending, and overdue activities. The timeline was formerly found in the Course Overview but has been moved to its own block. The timeline now appears separate from the regular display. The new timeline block allows you to sort and filter the items in your timeline. For example, you can choose to view only the activities due in the next seven days.

Moodle Timeline Screenshot



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