How to Create a Team

In Microsoft Teams you can create a team, adjust privacy levels and chose the owners and members. Follow the instructions below to create your first team:

Create a Team on Desktop/Web-based App

1. Sign into Microsoft Teams using your Loyola user name and password. 

2. Once signed in, select the Create Team button on the left-hand side of your menu. 

Create a Team Button

Types of Teams

Types of Teams to Choose From

Loyola’s Team Naming Convention



Teachers and students collaborating on group projects, assignments, and more.

General Team

Staff leaders and staff members collaborating on University administration and development.

Student Organization

Student organizations or groups collaborating on University initatives and development.

Department or Team

Students and University employees collaborating in interest groups and clubs.

Learn more about each team owners/members, permissions, features & educational goals.


3. Select the Continue button to begin creating your Team or select Best Practices to learn more. 

Create a New Team and Best Practices Button

4. Follow the onscreen instructions to create a team name, description, type, privacy, and add team owners* and members. When you are finished, select Submit.

*It is required to have 2 owners when creating your team. This is required as a backup if the team owner is out of the office or leaves Loyola. The form below will not allow you to submit without 2 owners added in the field. 

*Team Owners must also be entered in the Team Members section.

Create a Team Submission Form


  • The team creator will receive a confirmation email once the form is submitted. It may take up to an hour for the team to be completely created and team members notified.The 2nd owner will not receive a confirmation email. 

Create a Team from Mobile App

Mobile users can also create a team using the iOS or Android app. 

1. Install 'Microsoft Teams' app on desired mobile device. 

2. Follow the instructions here to create a team. (We do not recommend creating a team through the mobile app)


If you have any questions, please submit a ticket or contact the Help Center on the web at, via email at, or via phone at ext. 5555. 


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