Microsoft Teams or OneDrive: Which one should I use?

Some Basics 

  • OneDrive is a file repository that is specific to your account at Loyola. This is similar to how the G: drive worked. The added benefit to OneDrive is that sharing files with others directly from your OneDrive without requiring Technology Services intervention is much easier. 
  • Teams is a collaboration environment that allows for a centralized shared repository of files. You can not only keep files housed centrally, you can also interact on those files by tagging other users for their feedback, as well as working through version edits in a single document (no more combining multiple version edits!).  

So when is the right time to use each?  

There are typically three questions to ask yourself when making this decision:

  1. Does the content I am storing have to live beyond my tenure at Loyola? 
    If the answer to this is "yes" the final version of this content should reside in a Team environment. 
  2. How many people am I collaborating with?
    The size of the group that is collaborating can impact the choice. Typically collaborations of groups of four or more should have a Team space or should be a part of an already existing Team. The collaboration may not require its own Team, but maybe could be a Channel in a Team where all the members already reside. Maybe a Team could be created for the group that will encompass all collaborations, not simply the current one. 
  3. How long will the collaboration be?
    If the collaboration is short term, less than a month or so, and the group size is borderline (let us say 5 members), you will likely do just fine collaborating in OneDrive, but please keep in mind that the individuals who do not own this file can only access files shared with them through the OneDrive web interface under the Shared > Shared with me menu. This can become cumbersome for folks and is why we recommend Teams for most larger group collaborations. 


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